Greetings! I created Artique Boutique to share my great love & passion for jewellery, gemstones and beautiful things with you. Every piece of jewellery in my shop is hand-made with love, care and attention to detail, and specially designed to bring you joy - by me, for you.

Because that's what makes me happy. And I hope it makes you happy too.

Hello! I'm Joanne - a girl who loves to spend her days creating through jewellery, painting and photography. When I'm not creating, you might find me walking, dancing, dreaming, imagining, listening to music or out in nature somewhere.

I live on the edge of Dartmoor - the wild and atmospheric moorland that lays at the heart of Devon, England. I like to walk in nature, soaking up the atmosphere, the colours and the light. The influence of my surroundings always seems to find it's way into my creative expressions. My background is as a fine artist, and I think my appreciation of art has greatly influenced my approach to jewellery design - noticeable, perhaps, in the way I blend colours, for example, or the way I use texture quite extensively to create subtle detailing.

The studio of most artists is usually an interesting place, one where all sorts of items have gathered, either because they are tools of the trade, raw materials, or because they inspired or intrigued in some way. My studio is no different - it's a 3-dimensional sketchbook where my ideas are scattered about for future reference - little piles and collections of beads, fabrics, paint swatches; this and that, here and there - interesting items that form connections and begin to unfold their secrets and stories.

I am totally inspired by the jewellery materials themselves - gemstones, pebbles, metals, feathers, and threads. Everyday I delight in the raw materials that sit in my studio. I'll start creating something by surveying these little collections and seeing which one I'm drawn to working with on the day, which one speaks to me, which story wants to be told. I love to let my imagination wander and pick out little colour stories that weave from one item to another. Colours that speak of the forest, in deep and verdant tones, or perhaps exotic tales of birds and their fanciful feathers - iridescent and exquisite. Every piece has a story to tell, which in turn becomes a part of it’s wearer’s story and journey.

Thank you for visiting Artique Boutique and spending a little time here with me today!

With love,